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Our Services

Dr. Josh Ebert adjusting a child

Dr. Josh Ebert adjusting a child

At 180 Chiropractic Wellness Center, there is no such thing as cookie-cutter care. Your time with us and your care plan will be customized to your unique needs.

We want you to achieve your most thorough healing and we’ll do all that we can to help.

We focus on aligning your spine naturally through both upper-cervical and full spinal adjustments.

With a variety of adjusting techniques, we’ll find the one that best fits you and your needs.

ArthroStim - Very gentle and precise instrument adjusting.

Diversified - This technique is based on speed not force so the adjustment itself is not painful.

Gonstead - For the more stubborn spines, we use this technique in a seated or side laying position, this requires slightly more force but is very specific to the vertebra we are adjusting.

Motion Palpation – Very gentle hands on approach to “find and fix” the problem with our hands not requiring the use of x-ray. Most commonly used on babies and kids.

PulStar FRAS™ – Very unique and rare computerized adjusting instrument used to both analyze your spine for fixated joints and adjust with the same instrument.

Thompson – This is a hands on technique the used a special table that drops with the adjustment. This helps with the actual adjustment and allows a pain free adjustment.

Toggle Recoil – Very specialized upper cervical technique. This technique involves a special table, side laying position, and very light hands on approach.