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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of 180 Chiropractic Wellness Center patient testimonials below and please call us or click here to email us your questions!

Health And Happiness,
Dr. Joshua Ebert

Will Be Bringing Other Family Members

“Very thorough, took time to listen, took into account all ailments, and offered exercises to strengthen problem areas. Very happy with care and will be bringing other family members in for care as well!”

~Coleen G.

Cared For

“I saw Dr. Josh after being referred by a friend. His staff was incredibly friendly and got me in the next day. When I arrived, Chelsea walked me through the necessary paperwork and gave me a tour of their offices, doing everything possible to put me at ease and let me know what to expect. Dr. Josh spent a considerable amount of time talking to me, getting to know my history and the issues I had. I felt heard and cared about throughout our discussion. He talked with me about the different approaches to chiropractic care and the reasoning behind his method of treating me, helping me feel informed and a part of the decision making process. Show More

Next came x-rays, which were quickly done without having to change. He was very careful with my adjustment, as I was in significant pain. I had considerable anxiety about going to a chiropractor, and while it was not gone after a single visit, throughout the weeks I’ve been a patient with 180 Chiropractic I’ve become a believer in chiropractic care. I feel better than I have in the four years since the original injury, and look forward to continued improvement. I can’t recommend their practice enough!”

~Megan B.

Severe Low Back Pain

“I have had severe low back pain for the better part of 5-6 years. It has caused many sleepless nights and made some days unbearable to even walk. Since seeing Dr Ebert I am pain free for the first time in years and sleep soundly at night.”

~Tim P.

Headaches, back and neck pain

“I had back and neck pain that also caused headaches. Since seeing Dr Ebert my neck feels great, the headaches are gone… It is nice to get to the end of the day without pain. I also love 180’s ability to use technology…”

~Geneva D.

Stiff neck and sore back

“My neck and back have been an annoyance for some years. Dr Ebert has definitely helped the problem, being able to turn my neck properly certainly makes driving a car easier. I am definitely a chiropractic fan after the treatments I’ve received from Dr Ebert!”

~Remi O.

Low back and neck pain

“I have suffered with back pain for the last 5-6 years. It has kept me from enjoying activities with my family. I have definitely been helped by Dr Ebert. I can now sit through sporting events and other activities without being in pain. I wish I had come in earlier for chiropractic care.”

~Becky P.

Low energy, neck and back pain

“…I began to suffer from neck and back pain and also low energy. It’s been growing increasingly worse over the last 18 months and caused me to sleep less and feel constantly irritable and lethargic.

“Dr. Josh and Keri are warm, friendly, and professional. Dr Josh’s adjustment style is gentle and effective. Now, my neck and back feel great and I have overflowing and boundless energy. I sleep better, and have more time and energy to spend with my kids and doing things I really enjoy.”

~Melanie C.

Hip and Low Back Pain

“I didn’t realize how much my hips and low back were causing so much discomfort until the pain was gone. I had a hard time just sitting through an entire movie without needing to get up and stretch my low back and hips. With a treatment plan from Dr Ebert, I feel so much better.”

~Samantha B.

Car Accident

“I have injured my back in a few different car accidents and by being literally hit by a car. Before seeing Dr Ebert, I completed physical therapy and was given muscle relaxers. No change, my back was constantly bothering me. I just tolerated being in pain. After seeing Dr Ebert my back problems feel much better and I don’t have to tolerate living in pain anymore!”

~Katie R.

Severe Hip and Low Back Pain

“I was unable to function in any capacity without having severe pain. I went to the emergency room and they only provided pain medication. I went to see Dr Ebert and I was able to move comfortably after my first visit. I am now able to live relatively pain free for the first time in 3 weeks. Now after 3 treatments I am able to go on hikes with my kids again!”

~Susan E.

Uneven hips, Headaches, Excessive neck pain

“The pain interrupted sleep, affected my ability to participate in physical events, and affected the quality of personal relationships when my pain was at its worst. Now after chiropractic care at 180 I’m able to enjoy life without pain or worrying about future flare ups.”

~Jeremy M.